This page contains all my current goals some of these have not been started. And some won’t be started for some time. The left is my summary and definition of each goal. The right will be proof of completion.

Life Goals:

Buy house:

One of my wife and I’s main current goals is to buy a house. We want to have a family in the near future. In our current living location housing is extremely expensive. I am working a lot of overtime and we have a detailed budget to save money at a high rate. 






Fitness GOals:

half MegaGram club:

Lift 1102 lb with a combined one-rep max lift of the Big Three (Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press).

Squat to parallel.

Deadlift up with no Jerking.

Bench Press: Bar to chest and all the way back up to lockout.  








Learning Goals:

Learn conversation Japanese; Be able to read Japanese at a conversational Level




Finish CS50: